Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clubs in Bandung

I also went to research about the different clubs in Bandung. One of the cooler city in Indonesia where I was born.

Bandung is a nice place. Everyone ought to go there.

Firstly because of the "air-conditioned" feeling all around Bandung. I really love Bandung because everywhere in Bandung is cooling. One do not need to open the air-conditioner as the city is situated at a higher altitude and thus cooler.

Secondly, "derman" (picture shown), "Ojek" , "Bajai" and "Angkot" is found in Indonesia. Hmm... "Derman" is a nice mode of transportation, although there is a lot of shit on the floor.

Thirdly, there is a lot of shopping to be done. A lot of factory outlet where you can buy a lot of cheap things there. Example, I bought a NIKE cap for RP20000 which is about S$4-5. And guess what, the cap is REAL:)

Ok, why am I talking about Bandung. Aiya, just go to Bandung because it is seriously a nice place. You can also see Volcano there. Its smelly yes, but a fun experience, really:)

Oh, talking about the badminton club, I once thought that there were very little club in Bandung, so I went to do research, and found out that there a LOT, A LOT of clubs in Bandung, just that they were unknown.

These were the clubs in BANDUNG ONLY, of course the whole Indonesia has about 800 clubs I guess or maybe more. But the famous one are PB Djarum (from KUDUS), PB Mutiara (From BANDUNG), SGS (From BANDUNG:)), PB Tangkas and a few more.

These are only in BANDUNG.

And I got these from the PBSI website. PBSI stands for Persatuan Bulutangkis Seluruh Indonesia which means all indonesia badminton. Something like that lah. Hmm, then I browse through the website. In case you are thinking that the website is not reliable, don't worry, it is because it is lah. Then, I saw my friend in their shuttlers profile site. Jimar, is in position 45 in SGS. I really wish that he will improve his ranking. His sister, Pupin was ranked 6 in SGS. It was good:) But the most fantastic was Elisabeth Purwaningtyas. I remembered her face, she stayed in the hostel outside SGS soekarno hatta. She ranked 1st in SGS. She is fantastic. When I was in Sec 1, she was 12 years old. To be true, I didn't believe that she is 12. Really. She is tall, mature and very very cool. But when Jimar told me that she was 12. I got quite a shock. But anyway, she is very cool. She will make it big. I am sure. Don't worry, Jimar and Kak Pupin will too:)
Ya, and I am going back to Pasteur, the area in Bandung where I stay:) Yes:)

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