Friday, December 12, 2008

Mau Kmana?

Juz now, I was like asking Joko, "Bade Kmana?" then he reply "Bade Wui". Then he ask again, "mau ikut?" Then I was like joking and reply, "ga, takut di culik." Then he was like laughing. I know its funny. But don't always laugh leh, later people say is "gila".
Anyway, don't read the first paragraph. Sorry if you don't understand. Don't bother to ask anyone too. I doubt anyone would understand. Treat as if that the first paragraph is nothing K?Anyway, yesterday Syarif sms me with 3 different languages and it was really funny. He sms me english, bahasa indonesia and Sunda. And his sms was kinda of cute.
Nori was really funny juz now. Esia was suppose to come at 7pm. Then this linear sms back that "is she suppose to come at 7pm tmr?" Nori called her "bego" and say smth funny which I can't remember. Nori's birthday is 4 november. I better remember. Then last saturday, on 6 dec was yanto's birthday. Today is damn boring man.
Anyway, its really boring....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Suzuki Cup

So that night, I went home early to watch the suzuki cup.

Indonesia VS Singapore. Singapore got 7 players which are not Singaporeans right? I saw. Indonesia Team is pure indonesian. Yeh!:) Anyway we lost. But I think that they did great yesterday. Bambang Pamungkas is our Star striker who score 34 goals in his 58 international appearance. Zainal Arif is the captain of Persib Bandung soccer team. He rocks man. Budi Sudarsono score 3 goals in the battle against Cambodia. Yeh... then the 4th goal is scored by Bambang. Pelita Jaya Jawa Barat’s attacking midfielder Firman Utina is great too. Persija Jakarta’s Muhammad Ilham is also another midfielder. Defensive midfielder Ponaryo Astaman, with PSM Makassar’s Syamsul Bahri Chairuddin ready to step in if he fails to shine. Syamsul chairuddin's hair is damn cute. Flabby, flabby....

Maman Abdurrahman is from persib Bandung but I haven't seen him... Pelita Jaya’s Erol Iba and Persija’s Ismed Sofyan were good too in yesterday's game. Anyway through the 2-0 lost against Singapore. I think that Indonesia did a great job. They are less accurate then Singapore but their snatching ball and passing ball were great. They created my shots then Singapore. So I think they can try harder next time and I am sure that they will be able to win:)


Monday, December 1, 2008

Seen human meat minced and turn into powder?

So it was like this, I don't know what exactly happen but one of my factory worker name Sutendy get his finger smashed by the machine. He was wearing glove at that time. Then when the glove is been pulled out, his a small part of his finger was detached and turned into minced human meat. and some powder with lots of blood. Seriously. He was given 1 month leave. Wonder how is he... I feel really sad. Anyway yesterday was Joko's birthday. He is like damn it cute lah. Then yesterday Teguh fall down from the motor. He's waist hurt. Then I called him to ask if it hurts. I know its evil but that's what I did. Haha... When Sutendy get hurt, I suddenly remember about Yuxuan. You know right. I feel scare and sad. Seriously. Then now Sutendy finger is like a mushroom. The top is fatter than the bottom coz the skin is pulled to be join. Yucks. Anyway its like that.

The mutiara small coach Ari is sort of a liar. He once told me that his birthday is on 1 oct then now he say that his birthday is on 3 dec. Which is correct? I dun know and I dun care. That Teguh add me in his phone contact with the name child boz. Funny right? And now everyone calling me boz. boz. Stop it lah. I know its funny but juz call me adeline.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In factory

If you cut yourself, did it hurt? I think so. But this guy in my factory, he cut his hand in the morning and did do anything.... And his wound is quite deep, if not deep then ok lah...
And if not for me to see it and help him put betadine and plaster, it might be infected. Joko, Joko, if you cut your hand again, muz put medicine K?

Anyway I think its fine now...Wah rioting again for the raise in salary outside my place right now... In Cimahi... OMG.. Whats the use of rioting? Tmr going to have a bigger riot. OH NO!!!!!

I hate this! Anyway lots of order for the ballast and the printing team are busy printing the ballast (in the lamp). And I was there and I am dirty now.... Joko is going to have a holiday for 3-4 days.. Miss his jokes coz he is a lucu guy. Anyway his birthday is coming.... What should I get for him? A sweet maybe?Haha...JKJK...

Anyway, I need to go badminton tmr...Sian..... at mutiara there....Sian.... I like this song: Demi Cinta, Kisah cintaku (peterpan) and many more...

In indonesia (NEWS)

Yap...So I am in Indonesia now...Damn it happy....Wanna know the top news around here now?

Firstly, the 3 terpidana mati Bom Bali I were shot. And I think its really scary to here about the news.

Secondly, more than 10 pupils were kesurupan (ghost get inside the body). ARE YOU SCARE? I have never seen such a news in Singapore but do you singaporeans know that such things happen in Indonesia? If not, then I welcome you to Indonesia to find out more about indonesia, a very interesting thing!!The pupils face were scary when they are kesurupan. Their eyes turn red and their hair were all messy.... Its extremely scary.....

Thirdly, 3184 preman were captured. What is Preman? Preman are people that are not rich and thus at the road there sort of like singing ect... The police say that 368 of them carry weapons and have to be hukum (punish). Yap...

Fourthly,Grand Aquila, a hotel in Indonesia, Bandung sacked 9 workers and thus these 9 workers riot in front of the hotel. I know the manager of the hotel and I went to the hotel to find out more about the incident after watching on the news. And there is this gay... He is so CUTE!!! I sort of like him.... He is sort of like sweet in talking. and kind too. He works as selling cake in the grand aquila hotel. He is so CUTE. and the way he talk and walk, just like a girl and I like it...

Anyway enough of him, I think these are the news here now. Next time I will more about news in Indonesia

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Joke time

I spot this joke about badminton... Wondering if it is funny... I decide to post it!! Hope you like it.

So it is like this:

Title: Have a drink

A badminton player and a tennis player get into a car accident, and it's a bad one. Both cars are totally demolished, but amazingly neither of them are hurt. After they crawl out of their cars, the badminton player spots the other's tennis gear and says, "So you're a tennis player, that's interesting. I'm a badminton player ... Gosh! Just look at our cars, there's nothing left, but fortunately we are unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should meet and be friends and live together in peace for the rest of our days."

The tennis player replied: "I agree with you completely; this must be a sign from God!"

The badminton player continued, "And look at this - here's another miracle. My car is completely demolished but this bottle of whisky didn't break. Surely God wants us to drink this and celebrate our good fortune."

Then he hands the bottle to the tennis player. The tennis layer nods his head in agreement, opens it and takes a few big gulps from the bottle, then hands it back to the badminton player.
The badminton player takes the bottle, immediately puts the cap back on, and hands it back to the tennis player. The tennis player asks, "Aren't you having any?"

The badminton player replies, "No. I think I will just wait for the police to turn up and sort this out ..."

The second joke is:
Title: The tennis player prayer

Please don't let me be so nervousWhen I toss the ball for service.

Give me speed and strength unhaulting,Aces and no double-faulting.

Instill in me the skill and dashOf Agassiie, Williams, Roddick and Ashe.

When a high lob starts to fall,Must I always miss the ball?

Lord, I know you could, I'm sure,Find me a Tennis Elbow cure.

With the guidance from above,Never let me fall in 'love.'

And, Lord, while on matters of this sortPlease let me find an open court!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clubs in Indonesia

I wonder how many clubs are there in Indonesia but for as far as i know, there are these few clubs:
PB Bina Bangsa Jakarta,
PB Mutiara Bandung,
PB Ratih Banten,
PB SGS Elektrik Bandung,
PB Djarum Kudus,
PB Tangkas Jakarta,
PB Suryanaga Gudang Garam Surabaya,
PB Jayaraya Jakarta

I don't really know much about each club but I will try and search for information about them.....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Simon Santoso

Hmm.. I think I want to talk about Simon Santoso. He is from Tangkas Jakarta badminton club and he is born on 29 july in Tegal 1985, central Java. Hmm... actually I don't really know about him. However he once played in the Singapore Open 2008. And he played in Indonesia Open during the finals against Sony Dwi Kuncoro. However he lost.
The main thing is not whether he lost a not but whether he is determined and I think he is. If I am not wrong, I heard that he studied in Australia. He was the winner at Chinese Taipei Grand Prix Gold. Simon is currently world no 7 now. I just that's all I know about him. If I got anymore information, I will add in again..:)


Thursday, October 2, 2008

SGS Electrik

I know this picture has nothing got to do with today's sharing.....
But this is the spot where I always drop alot of shuttles as I play against the wall....
And after coming home from SGS, I would rest here because the floor is so cooling. Hence, that spot is the dirtiest at home because it consist of me sweat... HAHA...:):)
I don't know what to say but human beings are just too great to be described. I was browsing the internet when I spot this website. I read through it and... Let me extract this for you guys.

"Pada final tunggal remaja puteri, akan berhadapan Elizabeth dari SGS Elektrik Bandung dengan Suci Rizki Andini yang mewakili PB Mutiara.(*)"

I shall make a direct translation of it. This is what it wrote: In the finals of the women's single, Elizabeth from SGS Elektrik Bandung would be playing against Suci Rizki Andini from PB Mutiara.

The club, PB Djarum organized a badminton competition called Sirkuit Nasional 2008. And as you guys read, Elizabeth gets into the final. She is I think 13 this year. Since I was from SGS Elektrik, I shall tell you guys what I think I know about her. She is a great player. And seriously, when Jimar tells me she is 12 last year, I got a shock. I am not trying to humilate anyone but she certainly look so mature. The way she play her game, the way she took care of herself in the hostel in front of the training ground. She really is so mature. There were clothes sort of like hanging in front of the hostel and also swimming pool in front of the training ground. I want to say that the swimming pool is 超级 dirty. The water is GREEN. YUCKS.... Ok, I am sorry to say that but it certainly is dirty. And walking deeper, there is a canary. Place where you keep birds and also a FUTSAL (something like the street soccer). Then in the badminton training ground, if you walk until the end of the court, there are basketball courts where you can see handsome guys playing basketball. It was kinda of cool being there. But, My mum wants to transfer me out of SGS Eletrik because she say's it was dirty:(. But nevermind:)

Anyway, SGS Eletrik standard is about the same as PB mutiara and PB Tangkas. PB Djarum and PB Jaya Raya is kinda of a better standard. I don't know why? Maybe, I will try to find out:) Oh, I think maybe PB Djarum have more coaches. Anyway, I don't know why.

Actually, coachess in SGS Electrik is quite a lot too. And we have a nice senior. His name is Willy. He always accompany the coach called Pak Hendi. (Seriously sorry if I spell you guys name wrongly:( ) And Pak Hendi is a really funny coach. While training, he was like singing this song about love. Its really really funny as he always forgotten the lyrics and keeps on repeating the same stanza.

Trying there is hard as there are many great players. In order to stand out from the rest, you need to train a lot. That is also the reason why athletics cannot be career men or women. YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE BETWEEN BADMINTON OR WORK:( Yap...

I think I shall end here... Next time, I shall talk more about BADMINTON:)


Monday, September 29, 2008

Taufiq Hidayat, my so called "senior". Same CLUB:)


Taufiq Hidayat, hmm. He is from where I was born:) Yeh:) And he is from the same club as me:) He is a right hander.

Summary: Taufiq Hidayat. He was born in Indonesia in Bandung, west Java, just like me:)His height is 176cm which quite tall. He is a former world champion and the current Olympic champion in the men's singles. He also won the Indonesian Open six times. When he was young, he joined the SGS Club, a badminton club in Bandung. SGS Electrik is also the club I join:) The people there are really nice:) He was trained by Iie Sumirat, and Taufik learned his characteristic of confusing and tricky net play. Hidayat played badminton at the 2004 Summer Olympics in men' singles, defeating Hidetaka Yamada of Japan and Wong Choong Han of Malaysia in the first two rounds. He lastly won the gold medal.

Actually, at first when I join the SGS Electrik, I never knew he was from there too until my friend Jimar told me. Jimar was actually a nice guy. He and his sister Pupin and his bunch of crazy friends. They were actually really nice people. His friends include Henri, Rehan, Gilang and Rifa. Sorry guys if I spell your names wrongly. Actually I some how really pity them. They join the club to win medal and money, if they didn't win, they have to give up their dreams of becoming a badminton player. This is not good as they usually did not study. Hence, they have to continue to be in the badminton industry because they have no other skills. This is the reason why I pity on them. Jimar once told me that in order to live in Indonesia (the poorer people), you need to have a gang. It is because, if you are alone, you would surely get beaten up and I really mean it. So people like Jinda, I don't know what to say, but you guys are really very lucky. Hence, I think everyone who read my blog, please study harder because you never know how lucky you are. AND please stop fighting and getting involve in gang fight. It really very sad whenever Jimar just rushes out the training ground because one of his gang member is beaten. And usually, he would come back feeling sad. Any way, if any Anglican High pupils would want to know more, you call ask me:)

I just want to tell Taufiq: " Berjuang lah, jadikan permain yang lebih baik. Jaga and berikan kasih sayang sepenuhya kepada istri dan anak anda. Biarkan mereka jadi anak yang baik, dan pinter. Taufiq, gue ya...berharap kamu bisa menang lebih banyak title:) Jadi berjuang ya:)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Susi Susanti-The Singles player

This is the 3rd player posted. Her name is Susi Susanti. She is well, Indonesia's retired badminton player.
She is really a good player but sadly I wasn't born yet to see how well she play so I have no comment about her skills.
But I am sure she is a very great player. She won 2 medals in the olympics. One was a gold medal in the 1992 Barcelona. It was the first time Indonesia won a gold medal in Badminton women's singles.
"Susy Susanti qualified easily for the final, outscoring her first four opponents 88-22. However, a determined Bang Soo-hyun of Korea won the first game 11-5. Then Susanti took charge, winning the second game 11-5 and the third game 11-3. Two hours later, her fiancé, Allan Budi Kusuma, won the men's badminton title. When Susanti and Kusuma returned to Indonesia, the celebration in their honour included a two-hour parade through the streets of Jakarta that was led by a car carrying a gigantic shuttlecock.
The following year, Susanti faced Bang in the final of the 1993 world championships. Again Bang won the first game, but again Susanti came back to win the next two games. At the next Olympics, in 1996, the two were matched in the semifinals. This time Bang emerged victorious. However Susanti recovered to win the bronze medal match against Korean Kim Ji-hyun 11-4, 11-1. Susanti and Kusuma married in 1997."
This were taken from the international olympics committe website. I really hope that Maria Kristin could try her best and strive to be the world best Singles player.:)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Introducing Maria Kristin Yulianti of Indonesia

So, this is the second post. And also the second edtion:) So, I am Introducing Maria Kristin.
She was born in Tuban on 25th July 1985. Her email is . She is a right-handed player and her height is 169cm. She started playing badminton since she was 10 years old. She started badminton as a hobby and went on to strive to become a national player.
I think she is really one player whom I look up to admiration and respect. She really tried her best in every game she played.
Example: During the Indonesia Open 2008, I was once again watching the Indonesia Open on TransTV just like Sony's game. She had beaten Zhang Ning of China and it simply great of her who was then rank 24(if i am not wrong). Then she really tried her best in the finals against Xie Xingfang but she lost. Anyway when interviewed after the game, she said that she was afraid who the next opponent was because she believed in herself and she would try her best. And her words was really great.
Recently, she had won a bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics against Lu Lan. She played really well once again. She is a really discipline girl and was always praying and believing in god just like what I always learn in school.
I believe that she would make Indonesia's next great singles player after Susi Susanti whom I would talking about in the next edition.Only 3 women including her have gain medal in the Olympics and hence I feel very proud of her as an Indonesian too. If Maria Kristin were to read this blog, I hope to tell her, "Kak Maria, gue rasa kamu sangat hebat. Jadi, kamu harus berjuang terus. Ga boleh bilang capek terus ya. Harus tetap berjuang. Kak, kalau kamu bisa mengalahkan Zhang Ning, kamu pasti bisa terus galahkan yang lain. Jadi kamu harus percaya dengan diri sendiri and yakin kalau kamu bisa membantu Indonesia untuk menjadi negara yang punya banyak permain bulu tangkis yang hebat ya. Harus jadi kaya Susi Susanti ya:)"

This are some of the achievements that Maria Kristin had recently:)... It was really good. And I could see that she really is trying her best:) 加油!我们支持你:)
21 Sep 2008 -->YONEX Open Japan Super Series 2008-->Quarter-Finalist
14 Sep 2008 -->Chinese Taipei Grand Prix Gold-->Quarter-Finalist
17 Aug 2008 -->Olympic Games 2008-->Semi-Finalist
22 Jun 2008 -->Indonesia Super Series 2008-->Runner-Up
18 May 2008 -->Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2008-->-
16 Mar 2008 -->Wilson Swiss Open Super Series 2008-->1/32
09 Mar 2008 -->YONEX All England Super Series 2008-->1/32
02 Mar 2008 -->Yonex German Open 2008-->Quarter-Finalist
04 Nov 2007 -->FRENCH SUPER SERIES 2007-->1/32
28 Oct 2007 -->DENMARK SUPER SERIES-->1/32
23 Sep 2007 -->YONEX CHINESE TAIPEI GRAND PRIX GOLD 2007-->Quarter-Finalist
19 Aug 2007 -->16th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2007-->1/16
15 Jul 2007 -->CHINA SUPER SERIES (1)-->1/16
13 May 2007 -->DJARUM INDONESIA SUPER SERIES-->Quarter-Finalist
06 May 2007 -->AVIVA OPEN SINGAPORE SUPER SERIES 2007-->1/16

Introducing Sony Dwi Kuncoro (Indonesia)

So...Ya. For today's edition, I have decided to introduce Sony Dwi Kuncoro. He is the Indonesia national player. Recently, he had just won the Japan Open. This is the article abstracted from the "我报". It says:"INDONESIA's Sony Dwi Kuncoro upset world no 1 and defending champion Lee Chong Wei 21-17,-21-11 to win the Japan open yesterday, avenging his quarter final defeat by the malaysian at the beijing olympics. Dwi Kuncoro, who won the Indonesia Open in June sealed his second Super Series title of the year."

Personally, Sony is one of my favourite player. He plays with confident. When I was watching Trans TV(the channel which broadcast Sony's Indonesia Open Series game), he was really playing very well. Anyway, I really thing he deserved all these because of his hard work. I really admired badminton players because they could have so much endurance and perseverance so as to overcome the stress faced by one's coach and the country's hope. Just like him. Although I didn't see how he played his game in Japan because I am in Singapore trying to study for my End of Year exams which are coming soon. I will continue to support him:)

This are some of his achievements
21 Sep 2008 -->YONEX Open Japan Super Series 2008 -->Winner
17 Aug 2008 -->Olympic Games 2008-->Quarter-Finalist
22 Jun 2008 -->Indonesia Super Series 2008-->Winner
18 May 2008 -->Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2008-->-
20 Apr 2008 -->Badminton Asia Championships 2008-->Semi-Finalist
16 Mar 2008 -->Wilson Swiss Open Super Series 2008-->1/32
09 Mar 2008 -->YONEX All England Super Series 2008-->Quarter-Finalist
27 Jan 2008 -->YONEX Korea Super Series 2008-->Quarter-Finalist
20 Jan 2008 -->Proton Malaysia Open Super Series 2008-->1/32
02 Dec 2007 -->YONEX-SUNRISE HONG KONG SUPER SERIES 2007-->Quarter-Finalist
25 Nov 2007 -->CHINA OPEN SUPER SERIES-->Quarter-Finalist
04 Nov 2007 -->FRENCH SUPER SERIES 2007-->1/32
28 Oct 2007 -->DENMARK SUPER SERIES-->Quarter-Finalist
19 Aug 2007 -->16th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2007-->Runner-Up

Through this, I find that he really has improved a lot and his efforts were commendable. Now, he is 5th in the world:) Which is really good, I must say. If Sony were to visit this blog...., I think I want to tell him...."Kamu adalah permain yang baik...Jadi kamu harus berjuang. Gue tau kalau latihan sangat capek tapi kamu ga boleh belang capek. Karena kamu lagi membantu Indonesia untuk jadi negara yang lebih baik. Yang terkenal untuk bulu tangis:)"

Summary: Name: Sony Dwi Kuncoro......Date of birth:7 July 1984......Place of birth: Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia......Height: 1.72m......Best ranking: 3rd in world......Ranking now: 5th in world.

Ya....For today's post, I think I will end here. For the next post, maybe I would post my favourite player. Guess who? You can leave a tag to write the answers.......:)

Anyway, school today was kinda of great. We had chinese in the first 2 periods and we learn a new topic and a new life value which is to stop misunderstanding people. We have to understand why some people do certain things that may hurt your heart but try to understand why they did they OK?? The we had boring music lesson. And recess before having 2 periods of math. Math was boring too but we get the do own mid-year paper....And I didn't know Mr Neo marked so fast that he had the result for the test we did yesterday:)Then we had boring english which i think i didn't catch anything because I was rather tired. Then I went home and become a "porter". You know why?? Because I had to carry the trolley for my mother as I accompained her to the supermarket. And I bought quite a lot of things:)

OK..I shall really end here...I hope you would look forward for my next post in introducing my favourite player for now:)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Indonesia Badminton Team Rocks

Seriously, I think that Indonesia badminton team really rocks a lot.
There are no words that is able to describe how beautiful the game is.
The players were magnficiently great players.
Sony Dwi Kuncoro just beaten Lee Chong Wei in the Japan Open and I guess that Lee Chong Wei is just to tired as he had just lost to Lin dan in the Beijing Olympics.
Anyway, Maria Kristin rocks too. Semoga Team Indonesia bejuang terus:) Maria Kristin, Sony and Vita...and Natsir....YOu guys ROCKS