Sunday, June 21, 2009

Indonesia Terbuka 2009

So this week is Indonesia Open 2009. I really wish that Taufik will win. Coz we are both INDONESIAN:) So Indonesia muz win. Its ok, maria kristin, maris kido and hendra setiawan:) You guys can try agin next time and in Indonesia Open 2010, you guys make sure that you guys get into the finals K:)

So I feel sad today coz I have to come back to Singapore for nothing. It is like this, School say that there will be ALPS this week. My mum say that my results was bad so she forced me to come back. Ya, then when I come back, gitu deh, capek deh, there is no ALPS:(

I feel bored:( Kan kalau gue di bandung, adam lagi, ada sahabat ku lagi, Joko, Mul, Syarif yang luca banget, ada Iin bu saptam yg kuat:) ada Hendri si ganteng:) haha... dan ada sinetron yg sempurna:) dan juga ada senyuman yang rama:) You know "ramanisim" is full in Indonesia:) Anyway, "ramanism" is a word I create myself. HAHA... Ga apa apa, gue harus masuk 10 besar de sekolah, dan permain bulu tangkis yg hebat:) Gue siapa? Jadi Gue pasti bisa KAN? Ya iya lah, gue pintar gini, benar kan Joko ("Anak albert Einstein:)")

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clubs in Bandung

I also went to research about the different clubs in Bandung. One of the cooler city in Indonesia where I was born.

Bandung is a nice place. Everyone ought to go there.

Firstly because of the "air-conditioned" feeling all around Bandung. I really love Bandung because everywhere in Bandung is cooling. One do not need to open the air-conditioner as the city is situated at a higher altitude and thus cooler.

Secondly, "derman" (picture shown), "Ojek" , "Bajai" and "Angkot" is found in Indonesia. Hmm... "Derman" is a nice mode of transportation, although there is a lot of shit on the floor.

Thirdly, there is a lot of shopping to be done. A lot of factory outlet where you can buy a lot of cheap things there. Example, I bought a NIKE cap for RP20000 which is about S$4-5. And guess what, the cap is REAL:)

Ok, why am I talking about Bandung. Aiya, just go to Bandung because it is seriously a nice place. You can also see Volcano there. Its smelly yes, but a fun experience, really:)

Oh, talking about the badminton club, I once thought that there were very little club in Bandung, so I went to do research, and found out that there a LOT, A LOT of clubs in Bandung, just that they were unknown.

These were the clubs in BANDUNG ONLY, of course the whole Indonesia has about 800 clubs I guess or maybe more. But the famous one are PB Djarum (from KUDUS), PB Mutiara (From BANDUNG), SGS (From BANDUNG:)), PB Tangkas and a few more.

These are only in BANDUNG.

And I got these from the PBSI website. PBSI stands for Persatuan Bulutangkis Seluruh Indonesia which means all indonesia badminton. Something like that lah. Hmm, then I browse through the website. In case you are thinking that the website is not reliable, don't worry, it is because it is lah. Then, I saw my friend in their shuttlers profile site. Jimar, is in position 45 in SGS. I really wish that he will improve his ranking. His sister, Pupin was ranked 6 in SGS. It was good:) But the most fantastic was Elisabeth Purwaningtyas. I remembered her face, she stayed in the hostel outside SGS soekarno hatta. She ranked 1st in SGS. She is fantastic. When I was in Sec 1, she was 12 years old. To be true, I didn't believe that she is 12. Really. She is tall, mature and very very cool. But when Jimar told me that she was 12. I got quite a shock. But anyway, she is very cool. She will make it big. I am sure. Don't worry, Jimar and Kak Pupin will too:)
Ya, and I am going back to Pasteur, the area in Bandung where I stay:) Yes:)

Apa ya...King

So I come across this thing in facebook which shows that there is a new Movie in Indonesia. The title is "KING". I think its is about a boy name Guntur who has been inspired by Liem Swie King, a famous ex-badminton player from Indonesia. It will only make it first debut in June 25 2009. I wanna go to watch the movie at the cinema. But which cinema? Hmm...I think I may decide at Istana Plaza. haha...the parking there is quite expensive.

Anyway, this is the extract which I copied from a facebook page promoting the movie website:

Kisah tentang perjalanan panjang seorang anak bernama Guntur dalam mencapai cita-citanya menjadi seorang juara dunia bulutangkis, seperti idolanya: Liem Swie King, yang juga menjadi idola sang ayah. Ayahnya adalah seorang komentator pertandingan bulutangkis antar kampung yang juga berprofesi sebagai pengumpul bulu angsa, bahan untuk pembuatan shuttlecock. Mendengar cerita ayahnya tentang sang idola, Guntur bertekad untuk dapat menjadi juara. Dengan segala keterbatasan, ia berjuang untuk mendapatkan beasiswa bulutangkis dan menjadi juara dunia kebanggaan keluarga dan kebanggaan Indonesia. Keluarga Guntur harus menjual satu-satunya televisi yang menjadi hiburan dan sarana mereka menonton pertandingan bulutangkis yang mereka sukai. Sebagai penggantinya adalah raket yang digunakan Guntur sebagai andalan untuk bisa bergabung dengan klub bulu tangkis idamannya dan mencapai cita-citanya bersama impian untuk menjadi seperti sang idola:King.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Mau Kmana?

Juz now, I was like asking Joko, "Bade Kmana?" then he reply "Bade Wui". Then he ask again, "mau ikut?" Then I was like joking and reply, "ga, takut di culik." Then he was like laughing. I know its funny. But don't always laugh leh, later people say is "gila".
Anyway, don't read the first paragraph. Sorry if you don't understand. Don't bother to ask anyone too. I doubt anyone would understand. Treat as if that the first paragraph is nothing K?Anyway, yesterday Syarif sms me with 3 different languages and it was really funny. He sms me english, bahasa indonesia and Sunda. And his sms was kinda of cute.
Nori was really funny juz now. Esia was suppose to come at 7pm. Then this linear sms back that "is she suppose to come at 7pm tmr?" Nori called her "bego" and say smth funny which I can't remember. Nori's birthday is 4 november. I better remember. Then last saturday, on 6 dec was yanto's birthday. Today is damn boring man.
Anyway, its really boring....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Suzuki Cup

So that night, I went home early to watch the suzuki cup.

Indonesia VS Singapore. Singapore got 7 players which are not Singaporeans right? I saw. Indonesia Team is pure indonesian. Yeh!:) Anyway we lost. But I think that they did great yesterday. Bambang Pamungkas is our Star striker who score 34 goals in his 58 international appearance. Zainal Arif is the captain of Persib Bandung soccer team. He rocks man. Budi Sudarsono score 3 goals in the battle against Cambodia. Yeh... then the 4th goal is scored by Bambang. Pelita Jaya Jawa Barat’s attacking midfielder Firman Utina is great too. Persija Jakarta’s Muhammad Ilham is also another midfielder. Defensive midfielder Ponaryo Astaman, with PSM Makassar’s Syamsul Bahri Chairuddin ready to step in if he fails to shine. Syamsul chairuddin's hair is damn cute. Flabby, flabby....

Maman Abdurrahman is from persib Bandung but I haven't seen him... Pelita Jaya’s Erol Iba and Persija’s Ismed Sofyan were good too in yesterday's game. Anyway through the 2-0 lost against Singapore. I think that Indonesia did a great job. They are less accurate then Singapore but their snatching ball and passing ball were great. They created my shots then Singapore. So I think they can try harder next time and I am sure that they will be able to win:)


Monday, December 1, 2008

Seen human meat minced and turn into powder?

So it was like this, I don't know what exactly happen but one of my factory worker name Sutendy get his finger smashed by the machine. He was wearing glove at that time. Then when the glove is been pulled out, his a small part of his finger was detached and turned into minced human meat. and some powder with lots of blood. Seriously. He was given 1 month leave. Wonder how is he... I feel really sad. Anyway yesterday was Joko's birthday. He is like damn it cute lah. Then yesterday Teguh fall down from the motor. He's waist hurt. Then I called him to ask if it hurts. I know its evil but that's what I did. Haha... When Sutendy get hurt, I suddenly remember about Yuxuan. You know right. I feel scare and sad. Seriously. Then now Sutendy finger is like a mushroom. The top is fatter than the bottom coz the skin is pulled to be join. Yucks. Anyway its like that.

The mutiara small coach Ari is sort of a liar. He once told me that his birthday is on 1 oct then now he say that his birthday is on 3 dec. Which is correct? I dun know and I dun care. That Teguh add me in his phone contact with the name child boz. Funny right? And now everyone calling me boz. boz. Stop it lah. I know its funny but juz call me adeline.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In factory

If you cut yourself, did it hurt? I think so. But this guy in my factory, he cut his hand in the morning and did do anything.... And his wound is quite deep, if not deep then ok lah...
And if not for me to see it and help him put betadine and plaster, it might be infected. Joko, Joko, if you cut your hand again, muz put medicine K?

Anyway I think its fine now...Wah rioting again for the raise in salary outside my place right now... In Cimahi... OMG.. Whats the use of rioting? Tmr going to have a bigger riot. OH NO!!!!!

I hate this! Anyway lots of order for the ballast and the printing team are busy printing the ballast (in the lamp). And I was there and I am dirty now.... Joko is going to have a holiday for 3-4 days.. Miss his jokes coz he is a lucu guy. Anyway his birthday is coming.... What should I get for him? A sweet maybe?Haha...JKJK...

Anyway, I need to go badminton tmr...Sian..... at mutiara there....Sian.... I like this song: Demi Cinta, Kisah cintaku (peterpan) and many more...