Friday, December 12, 2008

Mau Kmana?

Juz now, I was like asking Joko, "Bade Kmana?" then he reply "Bade Wui". Then he ask again, "mau ikut?" Then I was like joking and reply, "ga, takut di culik." Then he was like laughing. I know its funny. But don't always laugh leh, later people say is "gila".
Anyway, don't read the first paragraph. Sorry if you don't understand. Don't bother to ask anyone too. I doubt anyone would understand. Treat as if that the first paragraph is nothing K?Anyway, yesterday Syarif sms me with 3 different languages and it was really funny. He sms me english, bahasa indonesia and Sunda. And his sms was kinda of cute.
Nori was really funny juz now. Esia was suppose to come at 7pm. Then this linear sms back that "is she suppose to come at 7pm tmr?" Nori called her "bego" and say smth funny which I can't remember. Nori's birthday is 4 november. I better remember. Then last saturday, on 6 dec was yanto's birthday. Today is damn boring man.
Anyway, its really boring....

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