Monday, December 1, 2008

Seen human meat minced and turn into powder?

So it was like this, I don't know what exactly happen but one of my factory worker name Sutendy get his finger smashed by the machine. He was wearing glove at that time. Then when the glove is been pulled out, his a small part of his finger was detached and turned into minced human meat. and some powder with lots of blood. Seriously. He was given 1 month leave. Wonder how is he... I feel really sad. Anyway yesterday was Joko's birthday. He is like damn it cute lah. Then yesterday Teguh fall down from the motor. He's waist hurt. Then I called him to ask if it hurts. I know its evil but that's what I did. Haha... When Sutendy get hurt, I suddenly remember about Yuxuan. You know right. I feel scare and sad. Seriously. Then now Sutendy finger is like a mushroom. The top is fatter than the bottom coz the skin is pulled to be join. Yucks. Anyway its like that.

The mutiara small coach Ari is sort of a liar. He once told me that his birthday is on 1 oct then now he say that his birthday is on 3 dec. Which is correct? I dun know and I dun care. That Teguh add me in his phone contact with the name child boz. Funny right? And now everyone calling me boz. boz. Stop it lah. I know its funny but juz call me adeline.

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